2020 Colorado Insurance Resolutions

2020 is here and we’re all looking forward to a great New Year. Part of looking ahead involves the infamous act of setting resolutions for yourself. After all, the New Year is a great time to evaluate where you are and what you want to change. While things like weight loss, exercise, healthy eating and other positive habits will likely highlight your list, an insurance review should also be on there! Your insurance coverage, or lack thereof, can have a big impact on your year. A review is easy to do, and you can knock it out in the first few days of 2020. We’re here to help with our top tips for your 2020 Colorado Insurance Resolutions.

Shop Around

With the calendar turning to January, it’s never a bad idea to see if you’re getting the best deal you can. Maybe you saw your rates rise a little in 2019, and you’re curious if they’ll be the same with another insurance carrier. This is a huge advantage of working with an insurance broker over a captive agent. As a broker, Square State Insurance can easily scan our trusted insurance carriers to see which works best for you. Better yet, there is no worry about receiving poor service if you switch. We only work with established insurance companies known for their standard of excellence. It only takes a few minutes for Jeff and his staff to see if there is a better deal out there!

Check In With Your Insurance Broker

While we’re on the subject of shopping around, you should check in with your broker, even if you’re happy with your coverage. There are several reasons you’ll want to check in and say hi to your broker. Some of these include:

  1. Teenager getting their license soon.
  2. You need to modify your coverage or adjust your deductible.
  3. You inherited valuables or you received an expensive gift that won’t be covered by a standard homeowners policy.
  4. You’re planning on moving soon or getting a new vehicle.
  5. You’re wondering if the coverage you have now is too much or not enough.
  6. You’re curious if bundling coverage would lower your rates.

Our staff is always happy to hear from customers, and you never know quite what will come up if you check in. So don’t be afraid, contact us in the New Year!

Update Your Just In Case Claim List

We harp on this task regularly, and it should definitely be part of your 2020 Colorado insurance resolutions. While a standard homeowners or renters policy will cover a lot of things, a potential claim will go a lot smoother if you have evidence of your possessions, or what we’ll call a just in case claim list. This includes photos of your valuables and in some cases a list of their estimated value. Don’t forget, you can’t store this in your home. So upload it to your email or place it in a bank lockbox or other safe location. Remember if you have expensive jewelry or other irreplaceable items, they might not be covered by your standard policy. If this is the case, you’ll want to get the item appraised and add a rider onto your policy so they are covered.

Slow Down!

Let’s get serious for a second. Far too many people are injured while walking, riding their bike or driving in Denver. Since 2016, 102 people have died from traffic accidents in the Denver metro area, and that’s 102 too many. So this year if you only accomplish one resolution, let it be a goal to slow down and drive more carefully. Nothing can take back an accident once it has happened, and the results can be devastating for fellow Coloradans. So slow down, put your phone away while driving and resolve to be a more cautious driver in 2020. We all know the traffic isn’t going to get any better, so it’s we motorists that have to change! Visit Colorado’s Vision Zero Program to learn more about the city’s commitment to safer streets for everyone.

2020 Colorado Insurance Resolutions – Review

Forbes estimates that only 8% of people actually accomplish their New Year’s resolutions. That’s a pretty sobering statistic. While we can’t help you eat healthier or get to the gym more, we’ve got you covered when it comes to your 2020 Colorado insurance resolutions. Contact us today to put your best foot forward this year. We all know those 2020 Colorado insurance resolutions won’t take care of themselves. So let’s make this the best year yet! From everyone at Square State Insurance, Happy New Year!

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