Does Auto Insurance Cover Your Rental Car?

You have the big trip all planned, and all that is left to do is book the rental car. As you compare companies, you’re likely to see add-on insurance options for each rental. Should you choose these options? Or does auto insurance cover your rental car? Let’s take a closer look.

Does Car Insurance Cover My Rental?

A rental car is a necessity on many trips. No matter if you choose economy or go for all the upgrades, a rental car is key to seeing all there is to see on a trip. Travel is perhaps at its best when you go somewhere you’ve never gone before. But this often involves unexpected turns, unpredictable drivers and confusing road signs. It certainly sounds risky to go with whatever insurance the car rental company offers. Well not to worry. In most circumstances, your auto insurance extends to a rental car. Time to gas up and see the sights!

How Does The Rental Company’s Insurance Work?

Here is the thing –  you can’t get out on the road without some insurance. It’s the law. So all rental cars include the absolute bare minimum of insurance. Is this the only coverage you want to drive with? Absolutely not. The rental car company is not looking out for your interests. You need a policy that actually covers your needs.

The Type Of Insurance Matters

So your auto policy covers your rental car – good news! But what level of coverage are you getting? Well, it depends on your policy. If you only pay for liability, then you’ll only receive liability coverage in a claim related to your rental car. If you’re currently leasing a car or opt for better coverage, collision and comprehensive coverage is likely included. Needless to say, the more coverage you have in an accident, the better off you stand in a potential claim.

Traveling Soon? Get An Insurance Checkup?

The key to reducing stress during travel is planning ahead. When you’re planning on renting a car, it’s never a bad idea to reach out to an insurance broker and doublecheck coverage. You never want to guess or hope for the best when good insurance can mean the difference between a dream trip and a nightmare excursion. Contact Square State Insurance for a personalized assessment of your insurance needs, even when you’re planning international travel. You deserve coverage you can trust!

You Could Get Coverage From Your Travel Credit Card As Well

As we reviewed earlier, it is better to use your existing auto policy than to opt for coverage from the rental company. But did you know you actually have a third option? Many travel credit cards and premium cards include auto coverage for your rental car as long as you book the rental on that card. Why is this a better option than using your auto policy? Well, if you are in an accident and have to file a claim, using the travel card coverage will not raise your auto policy rates. As we all know, keeping those auto rates low is very important! So check with your card issuer to see if you have this great perk.

Peer To Peer Car Insurance Like Turo

Peer to peer car rentals are becoming more popular, and you may wonder how your insurance works with these companies. The good news is coverage is essentially the same. You’ll still receive coverage from your auto insurance or travel card depending on how you book. But remember, there are limits on the coverage from your policy or credit card. So if you use a peer to peer rental service like Turo, you may want to add additional coverage if you’re renting a very expensive vehicle. When in doubt, contact your insurance broker to discuss limits and if they need raised for your next trip.

Does Auto Insurance Cover Your Rental Car – Yes!

Choosing a quality car insurance company has more benefits outside your personal vehicle protection. One of the big extra benefits is rental car coverage, and it comes standard as part of your policy. As we just examined, you don’t want to count on the cut-rate insurance the rental car offers, especially when faced with a serious claim. This is one matter you absolutely want to handle yourself. After all, you want that vacation to be unforgettable due to good memories, not bad!

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