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Here at Square State Insurance, we’re proud of our business reviews. We pride ourselves on improving the experience customers have with insurance companies. You won’t get treated like another cog in the machine of a big insurance company. Instead we live and work in the same state as our customers, and we share the same community. We pride ourselves on personalizing coverage for everyone so they only get exactly what they need at a good price. Many of our customers contact us frustrated with their old insurance company but leave with a weight off their mind. We want to record these experiences and show others it’s not all doom and gloom in insurance shopping. With this in mind, we’d like to humbly ask you to leave a Yelp review. Here is the best way to post a review.

Why Leave A Yelp Review?

So why should you leave a review on Yelp when there are already so many? And when we say many, there are currently 184 million worldwide reviews on Yelp. So does yours make a difference? First, it will be an honest review from a local customer who can share their real experience. Businesses can’t fake reviews or buy them. This creates accountability for all businesses and helps customers avoid those with poor performance records. When you leave a Yelp review, you take a little time to save your fellow Coloradans a bad experience and a big waste of time! But we want to do more to make shopping for insurance pain free for our customers.

The Square State Insurance Charity Commitment

We believe our communities stay strong by supporting small businesses. We also believe that local businesses should give back to their communities. In response, we’ve launched a new program to donate $10 to rotating local charities for every review we receive on Yelp. This means every review no matter what it says or the rating posted with it. Simply leave a review and we’ll tally all the reviews at the end of the month for charitable donations.

How Do I Leave A Yelp Review For Square State Insurance?

Yelp is for more than just restaurants. According to Yelp, there are a thousand different categories of businesses that are available to rate. It only takes a few seconds to leave a review on Yelp. In doing so, you’ll help your fellow Coloradans find the best insurance broker for their needs. We’ve broken the process down into three easy steps:

1. Sign Up / Log Into Your Account

Yelp requires users to sign up for a free account to leave reviews. Don’t worry, it doesn’t take much time. Simply enter your name, email address, password and zip code and you’re ready to go. If you have a Facebook, Google or Apple account, you can use that instead of signing up through the Yelp website. Who knows, you may end up using Yelp for other services like making reservations for your next night out.

2. Go To The Square State Insurance Page

Once you’re logged in and have your account up and running, you’ll want to navigate over to the Square State Insurance page. The easiest way is to search for us in the Yelp search bar. Or to save time and click this link for the Square State Insurance Yelp page. Now all that is left is to leave your honest opinion on our services.

3. How To Leave A Review

There are two fields you need to fill out during your review. First, you’ll select a rating between 1 and 5 stars. Then it will ask you to leave a few sentences about your experience with Square State Insurance. Please be honest and let us know exactly how things went. Every piece of feedback is valuable to us. Click submit and your review is finished!

Final Thoughts

We thank you for taking a little time to improve the insurance shopping experience of customers online. If you’ve found this page and you’re not sure your insurance coverage is cutting it, we encourage you to reach out. We can shop several leading carriers to get you the right coverage you need for less. Contact Square State Insurance to get started today.

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