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When you’re shopping for a top rated insurance agent Denver, CO, or even in the nearby area, it pays to select a reputable company. Whether you’re new and moving to the area or just looking to switch insurance carriers, a company’s rating is extremely important. Here are several factors to consider as you search:

  1. Yelp Rating
  2. Google Rating
  3. Facebook Rating
  4. Website Appearance
  5. Quote Response Time
  6. Personal Recommendations

So before you begin your search for a top rated insurance agent Denver CO, let’s take a closer look at these six important factors.

1. Yelp Rating

Love Yelp or hate it as a rating website, a company’s Yelp rating is an easy and effective way to tell how a company operates and serves its customers. Are they listed on Yelp but have a low score and numerous bad ratings? There is probably a reason why so many people are upset, and you should be cautious of this business. Remember one bad review doesn’t necessarily mean it is a bad business. However, several negative reviews could mean trouble. It’s important to briefly read through the reviews instead of just looking at the score (unless it is 5 star, which is a good sign). For example in a bad review, is the customer’s comment reasonable or excessive and filled with vulgar speech? This will give you an indication as to whether or not it is a valid review. If the company doesn’t have a Yelp page, they probably don’t care about their visibility or their customers’ voices. This is another bad sign when searching for a top rated insurance agent Denver, CO. As you continue your search, only top rated companies on Yelp should make your short list.


2. Google Rating

If Yelp reviews aren’t enough, a Google Rating can also help you determine if they are a top rated insurance agent Denver, CO. Google offers a similar 5 star system to that of Yelp, and any company’s Google rating is easily searched on the web. Simply type the company you’re vetting into the Google search bar, and their Google reviews should show up on the right side of the search results alongside the company’s information. It’s the same drill with Google reviews as Yelp. One bad review is usually nothing to worry about, but several could indicate a problem. It’s also worth noting it is common to see companies have less Google reviews than their Yelp page.

3. Facebook

Just like Yelp and Google, Facebook is a popular place for people to share business reviews. Facebook reviews are easily accessed by searching the page and going to the Reviews section on the left hand side. Facebook operates similarly to Yelp and Google reviews, and once again we recommend reading several reviews before deciding on whether or not you consider them a top rated insurance agent Denver CO.

4. Website Appearance

In your search for a top rated insurance agent Denver, CO, it’s important not to overlook the appearance of the company’s website. This is another key factor in evaluating how the company in question operates. A poor, outdated or hard to navigate website is usually an indication that the company doesn’t not care about providing accurate information to their customers. Once again this is not a good sign they are a company worth your business. On the other hand, an insurance website that provides free quote forms, information on their services and other materials like blog posts is a good sign they care for their customer’s experience. If you can’t easily find or search for the company’s website or it doesn’t exist on the web, this is typically a good sign you should move on to the next insurance agent Denver, CO.


5. Quote Response Time

Another step in finding a top rated insurance agent Denver, CO comes in quote response time. It never hurts to request a quote from an insurance company you’re evaluating. This is a great test for how they work with and care about their customers. If you request a quote and they never contact you back, this is a great indication you should move on without even following up. If they can’t respond to a quote form in a reasonable amount of time, how can you count on them during an emergency? Even a two business day wait for a response can be concerning. Ask yourself the question – if a quote request and new customer inquiry isn’t their priority, what is? However if the company gets back to you in a short amount of time, this is a sign you should add them to your short list of top rated insurance agent Denver, CO leads.

6. Personal Recommendations

There is no doubt personal recommendations are a huge factor in selecting an insurance company that is right for you. People you know who have had experiences with a local insurance company are absolutely worth asking when you begin your search. At the same time, remember that their insurance needs are likely different than yours. While they are happy with their coverage choices, you may be leaving money on the table by not shopping around elsewhere. Of course reputation is important, but if you can find a similarly rated company that provides you better rates, wouldn’t you want to go with them instead? What if you don’t know anyone in the area? Well Nextdoor is a great place to get information on a company and ask other locals what they think. So while you should absolutely check out a good reference, don’t be afraid to seek out 2-3 other companies to see how they compare.

Final Thoughts

Finding a top rated insurance agent Denver, CO can seem like a daunting task, but it really comes down to a few key factors. First how do their Yelp, Google and Facebook ratings stack up? Secondly, is their website well designed, full of valuable information and easy to navigate? Finally do they come personally recommended or are a company you could see yourself recommending in the future? If all these factors check out, they are worth contacting for an insurance quote.

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