How To Shop For CO Health Insurance

As we covered in our last post, Colorado Health Insurance And Open Enrollment, there is no need to wait for open enrollment on November 15th to shop health insurance. If you’re healthy, you can qualify for real premium benefit private health insurance right now. There are numerous reasons to consider a private health plan over an Obamacare or ACA plan. First and most importantly, there is no longer a tax penalty for those that skip ACA plans. That’s right, you’ll no longer be charged for having private health insurance. Second, since a private plan often excludes unnecessary and expensive coverage options, it is vastly more affordable than an ACA plan. But the question remains, how do you shop for a private plan without getting caught by clickbait or bait and switch schemes. Square State Insurance is here to help by showing you how to shop for CO health insurance.

Work With A State-Licensed Broker

This first tip on how to shop for Colorado health insurance is an easy one. Why would you work with some stranger in a call center? They handle case after case with no personal contact or vested interest in an insurance customer. It is much better to work with a state-licensed, local agent who lives and works in the same neighborhood as you. First off, they understand all Colorado health insurance laws and regulations. This way they can recommend reliable coverage options in accordance with all Colorado regulations. A call center rep may deal with people in many different states, and could potentially advise a customer incorrectly. Whether you’re an existing resident or new to Colorado, your best option to find quality health insurance is to look for a trusted, local representative.

Moving To Colorado

One of the biggest targets for clickbait schemes in health insurance enrollment is aimed at new Colorado residents. Often new residents may be relying on COBRA plans or health plans that soon expire. This urgency can lead some customers to select options that aren’t right for them. The web is often the first place people look, and it can be filled with inaccurate or generalized information. Fact is plans and pricing vary from state to state, and an employer plan is often different from a private plan. Again, what you need is a licensed broker in Colorado who can compare your previous plan and match you with a similar plan in Colorado. Better yet, by shopping private health plans, customers are often pleasantly surprised to find how much they stand to save versus their previous employer or ACA plan.

Short Term Indemnity Plans

Another option that is heavily advertised in Colorado is that of short term or temporary indemnity health insurance plans. However beware of any companies advertising these services in Colorado. Currently no one can enroll in one of these plans in Colorado. Essentially a short term indemnity plan is a flexible plan that lets you choose any doctor or hospital. There are no concerns of in or out of network costs. You simply meet the deductible and pay a set cost for any service, regardless of who is providing it. While the flexibility of these plans can be appealing to new residents, they generally come with higher deductibles and procedure costs. Add to this the fact they aren’t available for anyone right now, and we recommend shopping private plans to receive the best prices on health insurance.

PPO And Out Of Network Costs

PPOs, or Preferred Provider Organizations, are often overlooked when you explore how to shop for CO health insurance as well. As we learned above, short term indemnity plans can skirt these costs. However you end up paying more in deductibles and treatment costs. Instead, the best option is to find a PPO that works for you. Once again, a state-licensed agent is your best asset in this search. There is another factor to consider as well – health insurance when you travel. Most ACA plans offer only regional PPOs or HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations). This means when you travel and have any health issues arise, you will be subject to out of network costs. Naturally these costs will be higher than those of in network. A private health insurance plan offers a better alternative in a national PPO network. This allows you to find an in-network doctor or hospital wherever you travel in the US. This can be a huge asset for anyone, and it comes at a lower cost than regional PPOs found in most ACA plans.

How To Shop For CO Health Insurance

We hope this article on how to shop for CO health insurance has answered some of your questions. Since there is no longer a requirement to have Affordable Care Act qualified insurance, NOW is the time for healthy people to move away from the expensive, high deductible Obama Care plans and avoid open enrollment by considering a Private, ACA Exempt health insurance plan. These plans would save you 50% or more on monthly premiums and vastly improve your provider network from a local area HMO to a state wide and Nation wide PPO network.

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