Top Five Most Stolen Vehicles In Denver

As a city like Denver continues to grow, it can experience a growth in crime as well. Unfortunately vehicle theft has been up in Denver the last few years, and there is even a pattern that Denver police is noticing that we’ll discuss later. The rise in car theft can contribute to other crimes as a stolen car is often used for other nefarious purposes down the line. The increase in theft is even a big reason why car puffing has been illegal in Denver for many years. As a vehicle owner and an auto insurance customer, it pays to know how crime is evolving in your area so you can protect yourself from a potential claim. Let’s take a look at the top five most stolen vehicles in Denver and discuss different ways you can protect yourself from car theft.

Why Thieves Target Certain Vehicles

Thieves go shopping for certain vehicle types just like you go shopping for groceries. They look for certain settings and scenarios that make it easier to get away with the theft. At times they may specialize in stealing a certain vehicle, or they may have a wish list based on vehicles they can easily sell. Thieves also look for bonuses when searching for a car to steal. Does the vehicle have a nice stereo system or aftermarket accessories that increase its value? Is there a purse or laptop bag in the car that could result in a better haul for the thief? You need to take all these factors into consideration before leaving your vehicle. Parking in a crowded public place is no guarantee that your car is safe either. In fact some thieves actually prefer crowded streets as it is harder for people to notice what they are doing with everything else going on.

The Most Stolen Vehicles In Denver

When it comes to the top five most stolen vehicles in Denver, there is a surprising trend in the metro area. Honda vehicles are by far the most targeted cars in Denver. Two models in particular, the Honda Accord and Honda Civic are especially popular with theives. Why this is, well the Denver police are reluctant to say. However, it is well known that Hondas are popular targets for thieves around the country. They may be targeting them because they have found a weakness to exploit, or there may be another reason the public is not aware of when it comes to Hondas. One thing is for sure. If you own a Honda, you should be particularly cautious when it comes to vehicle theft. We’ll discuss some ways to protect yourself shortly. The other three vehicles on the top five list shouldn’t be a surprise either. Number three is the Subaru Imprezza (Subaru vehicles are very popular in Colorado). Numbers four and five are Ford F-250 and F-350 trucks, which as we know are among the best selling vehicles in the US. So if you buy a popular vehicle or a Honda, you should expect it to be a target for thieves.

How To Protect Your Car

Even if your vehicle didn’t make the list of most stolen vehicles in Denver, it pays to protect yourself against potential car theft. First and foremost, never leave your keys in your car! It sounds simple, but this happens way more than you’d expect. Locking your vehicle every time, even during a quick stop, will also increase your chances of avoiding car theft. There are several anti-theft devices on the market today, and if you’re concerned about your vehicle or if it made the list, then you may want to consider adding one. Next, it pays to be careful where you park. Always keep your vehicle parked in your garage if you can. Yes, this may mean cleaning out the garage to make room. When out and about, look for well lit areas. If you feel uncomfortable about the dark area you’re parking in, then there is probably something to it as it is a riskier spot to park. Finally as we discussed earlier, never leave your vehicle running when you’re not in it, even if it is cold. This makes your vehicle an especially easy target for thieves.

Auto Insurance And Car Theft

As you shop for car insurance, you should keep the potential of vehicle theft in mind. After all, none of us expect our car to be on the list of most stolen vehicles in Denver or a target in our day to day errands. How you structure and buy car insurance will help you protect yourself from potential theft. First off, if you only carry liability on your vehicle, then you will not be able to file a claim if it is stolen (you should however report it to the police no matter what). If you drive a vehicle with any significant value, you’ll want to add comprehensive auto insurance to it. This ensures that you’ll recoup the replacement cost of your vehicle in a claim. Without comprehensive coverage, it could be a tough hit to your finances if your vehicle is stolen. Even a car worth several thousand dollars is worth insuring with comprehensive. To learn more about what adding comprehensive to your vehicle will cost, request a free quote today.

Final Thoughts

Do you own a Honda Accord or Civic? Or are you thankful your car didn’t make the list of the top five most stolen vehicles in Denver? Even if you’re not too worried about theft, it pays to be cautious. Only park in well lit areas you trust, keep valuables out of sight, and never, ever leave your keys laying around or in the ignition. Remember thieves are always looking for a crime of opportunity. Don’t make it easier for them to steal your ride! To learn more about how your auto insurance can protect you from theft, contact Square State Insurance today!

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