Why Do I Need Umbrella Insurance?


Today we’re going to examine the often overlooked option of umbrella insurance. You already have coverage to protect yourself from circumstances where you’re liable in a car accident or homeowners claim, and that is all the insurance you’re going to…

Why You Need Renters Insurance


While most people would never dream of owning a home without insuring it, countless renters pay no mind to renters insurance every year while living as a tenant in a building they don’t own. Yet everyone owns valuable things, and…

Forget Your Auto Insurance Card?


A traffic stop almost always catches you off guard. Now you’re pulled over with an expired auto insurance card, and the officer walking up to your window is about to ask to see it alongside your driver’s license. What do…

#1 Car Insurance Tip

The most talked about Insurance Tip my clients talk about has nothing to do with auto insurance.  The tip is that a number of Colorado DMV’s will let you call ahead to “schedule an appointment.”  This is not your typical appointment…

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